Welcome to East Bradford Township

East Bradford Township strives to support the highest quality of life for current and future residents by: Being accessible, accountable, responsive, and respectful to all; Providing essential services with fiscal soundness; Promoting good stewardship of the Township’s scenic, natural, and historic resources; and Promoting vital social and physical connections between our residents and neighbors.




The East Bradford Township Board of Supervisors approved the final draft of the Historic Design Guidelines. For much of the year, the  Historical Commission and Historical Architectural Review Board have been working with patterhn ives to complete this document. These Guidelines are intended to be a historic preservation tool to help property owners make informed decisions when altering or restoring historic buildings.



The Board of Supervisors adopted the 2022 Budget during their meeting on December 14, 2021. The Budget includes a 0.25 mill increase in real property tax (from 1.50 mills to 1.75 mills).



As services conclude at Jennersville and wind-down at Brandywine Hospital, Chester County created a web resource to help everyone impacted by the hospital closures. The web page – chesco.org/hospitals – notes hospitals, urgent cares, and other clinics located in and around Chester County, provides guidance on where to go for care, and instruction for medical records requests. The web resource will continue to be updated and added to as needed, and your input will help keep the information relevant.



Hurricane Ida’s remnants brought catastrophic levels of rain to Chester County. Click here for information.



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