Thinking of installing a fence on your property? Here is what you need to know!

  1. A permit is not required from the Township to install a fence unless it is greater than six (6) feet in height. A building permit from the Township is required for all fences greater than six (6) feet in height. In addition, any permit to install a fence greater than (6) six feet in height must be accompanied by signed and sealed plans prepared by a registered design professional. The fence must also be designed in accordance with ASCE 7-98 wind load provisions for ninety (90) mph, three (3) second wind gust speed, and seismic design category.
  2. There are no height limitations on fences.
  3. Fences can be installed directly on property lines. A survey of the property is not required to install a fence but is recommended to ensure that the fence is placed on or within the property boundary.
  4. All fencing must be placed outside of the right of way of any adjacent roadway.
  5. Fencing should not obstruct the sight distance of any roads or driveways within the vicinity of the fence.
  6. There are limitations on the type of fencing that can be installed in the floodway of nearby creeks and streams.
  7. There are also limitations on the type of fencing that can be installed along designated scenic roads in the Township.
  8. A non-climbable fence that is a minimum of four (4) feet in height is required to fully enclose an in-ground pool that has a depth of two (2) feet or more. The fence shall contain a self-closing and latching gate of at least four (4) feet in height. All latches shall be locked from the exterior with access gained only by key or a combination mechanism. All release mechanisms of the self-latching device shall be located no less than 54 inches above the bottom of the gate. Pool fencing shall not contain vertical interspaces of more than 2 inches nor horizontal rails or components on the outside which can be used to climb the fence. In the alternative, a powered safety cover that complies with ASTM F 1346 may be used as an alternative to installing a continuous fence around a pool.

Please contact the Township Zoning Officer, Andrea Campisi, to inquire whether the floodplain and/or scenic road limitations impact the installation of a fence on your property and to find out what the width of the right of way is for the roadway adjoining your property. For specific questions related to pool fencing, please contact the Township Building Codes Official, Richard Hicks.