Old Cars & RVs

What to do with Old Cars & RVs

Do you have an old car or RV on your property that you have been meaning to dispose of? 

The Township Code prohibits the accumulation of more than three junk vehicles on a residential property. A junk vehicle is defined in the Township Code as:

  • A vehicle for which a certificate of junk has been issued by the Pennsylvania Secretary of Revenue or the official designated by any other state to issue such certificates.
  • A vehicle in or on which it is found that any of the following exist:
    1. Its engine or engine parts have been removed for more than 90 days.
    2. Its tires have been deflated or its wheels have been removed for more than 90 days.
    3. It bears no official inspection sticker or any such sticker is not current by more than 90 days, provided that a vehicle under repair which is bona fide intended for use shall not be deemed within the foregoing definition.

The good news is there are many local nonprofit organizations that will pick up your vehicle and remove it from your property. You may also be eligible for a tax deduction. If you are in this situation, consider consulting with one of the nonprofit organizations listed below. These are just some of the local nonprofit organizations that provide this service, and many also accept boats, motorcycles, and snowmobiles, too. In many cases, the vehicles do not have to be running.