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The ordinances contained in the Township Code strive to promote and improve the quality of life for all residents by protecting the health, safety, welfare of residents and safeguarding natural and cultural resources.

Forms & Applications

Building permits are required to construct, enlarge, alter, or demolish a structure or change the occupancy of a building or structure that requires greater strength, exit-way, or sanitary provisions. Permits are also required to change to another use or install or alter any equipment that is regulated by the Statewide Building Code (UCC) adopted by the Township. View a list of activities that require permits (PDF). Visit the Documents and Forms page for permit application forms.

Moving Soil on Your Property

If you want to rework the soil on your property (e.g. rent a small Bobcat or similar machine to push the dirt to achieve a fresh look or in preparation for a bigger project), almost all of these projects require an Erosion and Sediment Pollution Control (aka earth moving) Permit from the Township. The only time a permit is not required is if all of the following are true:

  • The project area that will be disturbed (vegetation removed down to the dirt) is less than 5,000 square feet.
  • The alteration to the ground surface is less than 6 inches in depth (which includes excavations for proposed structures or additions).
  • The total volume of dirt being disturbed is less than 100 cubic yards.

Before starting any earthmoving projects please contact the Township Engineer, Mark Lucas, or schedule a free consultation to identify potential permitting issues with Melissa Needles. The Stormwater Management Page provides more information and permit forms are available on the Documents and Forms page.

811 Call Before You Dig

Whether digging to plant a tree, build a fence, or lay a foundation, any contact with underground power lines can injure or kill. Contact PA One Call by calling 811 or via Pennsylvania One Call System three business days before digging. They will coordinate with local utilities to locate and mark gas, electric, and telephone lines.


Solicitation permits are required for anyone soliciting door to door in the Township. If a solicitor comes to your door, request to see the Township Solicitor's Permit issued to them with their photo attached. Some non-profit organizations are not required to have a permit but still must register with the Township. If you have a concern about a solicitor, please do not hesitate to contact the West Chester Police Department at 610-696-2700 or 610-431-1212. are available on our Documents and Forms page.

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