Spotted Lanternfly

About the Spotted Lanternfly

The Spotted Lanternfly (SLF) is a relatively new pest in southeast Pennsylvania.  It can damage many plants including fruit and hardwood trees and grapes.  SLF can also cause serious damage to yards, open spaces, plant nurseries, tree farms, and vineyards.  If we do not control its spread, other states or countries could restrict the transport of PA products.

How to Identify the Spotted Lanternfly

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What to Do if You See the Spotted Lanternfly

Destroy the eggs. Using a plastic putty knife or similar tool, scrape off the egg mass into a plastic bag containing rubbing alcohol or hand sanitizer. Make sure all of the mass is doused in the liquid. Double bag it and dispose. The egg masses can be on trees or any outdoor hard, smooth surface (e.g. patio furniture, toys, hardscaping, vehicles, firewood, nursery stock, and other stored items.

For more detailed information, read the In-Depth Report (PDF) prepared by the Environmental Advisory Counsel. This report provides additional strategies to stop this pest and lists links to articles, pictures, videos and other websites.