Animal Services & Control


Pennsylvania law mandates that it is “unlawful for an owner or keeper of any dog to fail to keep at all times the dog in any of the following manners: 1) confined within the premises of the owner; 2) firmly secured by means of a collar and chain or other device so that it cannot stray beyond the premises on which it is secured; or 3) under the reasonable control of some person, or when engaged in lawful hunting, exhibition. The Township works with the West Chester Police and the Brandywine Valley SPCA to enforce this law.

On or before January 1st of each year the owner of any dog three months old or older is required to purchase a license for such dog, at the county treasurer’s office. Applications for dog licenses can be obtained by visiting PADogLicense.

The Chester County Dog Warden is Maureen Siddons (610-909-5666).


If you see a dead deer along a Township or private road, contact the PA Game Commission at 610-926-1966.  For deer along State roads, call PennDOT at 484-340-3200 or report it at PennDOT Customer Care.  Hunting season dates and regulations are published by the PA Game Commission.

If you are interested in deer management and want to know how to mitigate the negative impacts of deer on your property, visit our Deer Management Page.  The Brandywine Valley Archery Club (BVAC) provides deer management services on Township lands (as well as several other properties in the area).

Wild Animals

For problems or concerns with wild animals, contact the Wildlife Association Ltd at 610-608-1961,  Animal Management at 215-913-3713, or Prudential Pest Solutions 484-401-4361 which is also licensed for insect control.

Emerald Ash Borer

The Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) is a half-inch long metallic green beetle whose larvae feed under the bark of ash trees. Their feeding eventually girdles and kills branches and entire trees. The EAB was first identified in North America in southeastern Michigan in 2002.  In the years since that discovery, the beetle has spread through much of the United States, including Pennsylvania. EAB was detected in Lancaster County in 2015 and Montgomery County in 2014.  It will likely be found in Chester County within the next year.   Once it is discovered within East Bradford Township it may kill most of the ash trees within the next 4-8 years.  Learn more.

Spotted Lanternfly

The Spotted Lanternfly (SLF) can damage many plants including fruit and hardwood trees and grapes. SLF can also cause serious damage to yards, open spaces, plant nurseries, tree farms, and vineyards. Visit the East Bradford Township Environmental Advisory Council’s page on the Spotted Lanternfly.

Mosquito Prevention Project

These insects can sometimes transmit the Zika virus, and in our area, the West Nile Virus.  View these information sheets prepared by the EAC to learn how you can reduce mosquito breeding this summer: Summary & In-Depth Report.