Public Works & Roads

Active Road Projects

Boot Road Bridge Replacement Over Amtrak

Starting in the fall of 2023, PennDOT will begin a project to replace the existing bridge that carries Boot Road over Amtrak. The project also includes approach roadway reconstruction, guide rail and drainage enhancements, and improvements at the intersection of Boot Road and Quarry Road.  Work is expected to extend into July 2025. More information is available on PennDOT’s project website.

Jefferis Bridge Update

Chester County continues to make progress on the rehabilitation of the Jefferis Bridge on Allerton Road, but there have been delays. Some delays are due to the design complexities of rehabilitating an existing structure.  In addition, lead times for PennDOT review have been unusually long.  Furthermore, there are stream restrictions and starting construction will be partially based on when the contractor can get in the water.  Currently, the estimate for starting construction is late fall 2024 and the project is expected to take eighteen months to complete.  The Township will continue to provide updates as we receive them from the County. 

Skelp Level Bridge Replacement

Not far from the northern border of East Bradford, East Caln Township will be replacing the Skelp Level Bridge in the near future.  The Bridge is located just south of Boot Road.  East Caln is planning to go to bid by the end of 2023.  They anticipate the project will last about 6-12 months.