Snow Removal

Snow Removal

Priority (PDF):  During an ice/snow storm, the Township uses a three-tier operation. The entire route is covered if the precipitation remains light. If the storm intensifies the trucks will stay on priority roads. Cul-de-sac streets and minor roads will not be done unless the priority roads can be kept open. If a storm intensity reaches a level that makes it difficult to maintain, even a portion of a route, the trucks will maintain only the priority roads. During freezing rain and sleet events, anti-skid operations continue until precipitation stops. Snowplowing operations start usually after 2-3 inches of snow have accumulated on road surfaces.

Parking:  During snow emergencies parking is prohibited along Township roadways until the roadway has been pushed back to its full width.  Failure to comply may cause your vehicle to be ticketed and towed. If a snow emergency is declared by the Township, it will be placed on the website.

Driveways: When shoveling your driveway, leave the last six feet of your drive unshoveled until the plowing has ceased. This unshoveled part will allow the snow being pushed by the plow to remain on the plow and not dumped into your drive. If you must shovel out your drive, clear a six-foot area of the road that is directly in front of the mouth of your drive. In addition, clear an area ten feet before and after the mouth of your drive, so that when the plow comes through, it will unload snow that it is pushing in the cleared area and not in the mouth of our drive.

Mailboxes: Often the force of the snow coming off of the snowplow blade will cause an unsecured mailbox to come off its post or a rotted post to break off. This is not caused by the plow hitting the box or post, but by the weight of the snow itself. If the snowplow physically hits and damages the mailbox and or post, we will reimburse for mailbox and or post with the same type, up to a maximum cost of $100. If the snow discharged from the plow damages the box and or post, the property owner is responsible for the repairs or replacement. The resident must report any claim for damage to the Township within three (3) business days of the snow event.

Parks and Trails: Paved parking lots that serve parks and trails will be plowed once roads are clear and the public works department returns to normal work hours. Neither gravel parking lots nor trails are cleared or otherwise maintained during winter months.