Roads & Stormwater

Roads in the Township

There are 72.17 miles of roads in the Township (PDF); 54.7 miles are Township roads and 18.4 miles are State highways. Township roads are maintained by the Township Public Works Department.  The Department is responsible for resurfacing, patching, signs, stormwater drainage, and snow removal. Questions about Township roads should be directed to Public Works at 610-436-5108.  Questions regarding State highways should be directed to the PA Department of Transportation Chester County Maintenance Office at 484-340-3200.  To report any kind of problem on a state-maintained road, e.g. pothole, dead deer, or low-hanging tree limbs, you can efficiently do so online at  It will ask for specific information, location, and your contact information to report back to you.

Forms & Applications

Forms pertaining to roadways are provided below.  They can also be accessed from the Documents and Forms Page.

 Stormwater Management

The Township’s storm drainage system is very important to keeping runoff from flooding roadways and damaging property. The inlets in the streets are interconnected by piping.  The inlets discharge to larger pipes, ditches/swales, or streams. Eventually, all of our runoff ends up in Brandywine Creek, which drains into the Delaware River.

Maintenance is critical to the proper operation of the stormwater management (SWM) system.    Inlets are spaced along a roadway at low points in order to efficiently collect rainwater. It is important that inlets remain free and clear of leaves and other debris. If the inlet is clogged and not accepting runoff, the Public Works Department should be notified at 610-436-5108.  Similarly, drainage ditches and swales must also be kept clear of debris.

Visit the Stormwater Page for more information.