Records & Right to Know Law

On February 14, 2008, Governor Rendell signed into law Act 3, which amended the Right to Know Law. To request Township records (or view Township records), submit a Right to Know Request Form (PDF) to the Open Records Officer by email. Fees for copies are assessed in accordance with the Fee Schedule, which is available on the Documents and Forms page. For more information, review the Township resolution and procedures (PDF) for right to know requests.

Copying Plans

One of the most common requests the Township receives is for copies of plans (for example, when someone is preparing to submit a building permit and wants a copy of a property plan we have on file). Until recently, the Township granted these requests. However, due to recent case law, we can no longer copy engineered plans. The courts have determined that engineered plans are protected by the Copyright Act and are therefore the property of the firm that created them. While you are still able to view these plans in our office, we can no longer make copies without the consent of the owner. You can get the owner information from the plans and request copies directly from the firm that prepared them.

Pennsylvania Office Contact

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