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Plum Run Preserve


05 Strodes Mill (PDF)

06 Strodes Mill Dam Panel (PDF)

07 Great Strode Oak Tree Panel (PDF)

08 Entrikin Tigue Farmstead Panel (PDF)

09 Stream Restoration Board Draft (PDF)

10 Plum Run Stream Board Draft (PDF)

11 Plum Run Watershed Board Draft (PDF)

12 Plum Run Meadow Board Draft (PDF)

13 Serpentine Stone (PDF)

01 Plum Run Trail Plan Package (PDF)

02 Strodes Barn Restoration Plans (PDF)

03 Strodesville Panels (PDF)

04 Strodes Scrapple and Sausage Business Panel (PDF)

Erosion Control Plan Narrative (PDF)

Highway Occupancy Permit Plans (PDF)

PennDOT Highway Occupancy Permit (PDF)

PennDOT Traffic Signal Permit (PDF)

Phase 1A Archeological Investigation Report (PDF)

PHMC Project Review Form (PDF)

Species of Concern Impact Review Letter (PDF)

Stormwater Management Compliance Summary (PDF)

The Plum Run Preserve is a 50-acre passive park that features several segments of the Plum Run creek valley in the southern section of the Township. A paved, multi-use trail is under design to connect the West Chester University campus’ Robert B. Gordon Natural Area to the historic Strode’s Barn which will become the site of an outdoor heritage center that includes educational interpretation on the history of the Strode’s Mill Historic District and its relation to early American industry and the Battle of Brandywine. When it opens to the public, the Plum Run Preserve will include parking access from Tigue and Lenape Roads. The Plum Run Trail is being planned to eventually link to the Brandywine Trail and greenway, creating safe pedestrian and multi-modal access along the Lenape Road (Route 52) corridor.

For more information on the planned improvements under design for the Plum Run Preserve, please refer to the Plum Run Corridor Master Plan (PDF). The Plum Run Corridor Master Plan is an initiative being undertaken to achieve specific goals and objectives outlined in the East Bradford Township Comprehensive Plan (PDF). Documents relevant to the active Plum Run Trail and Strode’s Barn Heritage Center design project are being posted below as they become available.

If you have any questions please email Rich Phifer, Director of Property & Recreation.