Expenditure Trends


Police service. The Township has an agreement with the Borough of West Chester for police service (since 1989). In 2018-2019, the Borough renegotiated its contract with the police union which affects the Township cost of police services. Under the terms of the new contract, the Township annual cost is projected to increase to the General Fund Budget of approximately 9.63 percent during 2019, with an average annual increase from 2020 to 2023 of approximately 4.3 percent. Another added cost component of the contract is capital purchases (e.g. police vehicle). This capital expense is charged to the Capital Reserve Fund Budget at an added annual cost of $31,836 for the contract term. You can see how the cost changes over a six-year period.

Fire service. In 2018, the Township renegotiated its agreements with the West Chester Fire Department and West Bradford Fire Department. Combined, these costs increased about 12.3 percent from 2018-2019. These agreements have five-year terms.

Ambulance service. Good Fellowship is seeking support from the municipalities it serves due to increased costs, changes to insurance reimbursement policies, and declining volunteerism. From 2011 to 2018, East Bradford contributed $6,000 per year to Good Fellowship. In 2019, that amount increased to $10,000. Good Fellowship recently complete a more thorough cost analysis to assess the cost of service to each municipality (based on population and call volume) and estimates that the actual cost of service to East Bradford is upwards of $30,000.

Infrastructure. The demands for road and bridge infrastructure maintenance and repair will continue. The recently-completed Broad Run Bridge on Valley Creek Road cost approximately $550,000. The Township anticipates that three more bridges will need to be repaired or replaced due to age and deterioration in the next three to ten years. Together, these repairs will likely be in the $1M to $2M range for engineering and construction.

Stormwater. Stormwater costs are increasing on two fronts. First, the Township is required to comply with state and federal mandates to improvement stormwater quality. This will require improvements and upgrades to various stormwater facilities. In addition, changing weather trends have resulted in an increase in complaints involving stormwater runoff from Township roads. Addressing these issues can be both time consuming and expensive.

Legal and engineering. Legal and professional fees have increased, as well. In many cases, the Township is permitted to seek reimbursement for these types of fees (e.g. land development application, certain permit reviews). However, zoning proceedings (conditional uses, Zoning Hearing Board applications) are unique and the Township is not always legally able to require reimbursement for these expenses. For example, as of April 30, 2019, the Township has spent roughly $50,000 in non-reimbursable zoning expenses.

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