Traffic Committee


The Traffic Committee is an ad hoc committee organized for the purpose of objectively analyzing traffic related concerns within East Bradford Township and making recommendations thereon to the Board of Supervisors.  Any recommendations are to be congruent with the desire of the Township to remain rural and scenic in character while recognizing budgetary constraints.  Members are appointed to one-year terms.  The membership includes residents as well as representatives from the police department and school district.

The Traffic Committee usually meets on the 3rd Thursday of each month at 8:00 a.m.  This meeting date/time occasionally is rescheduled for holidays and other conflicts, so please check the calendar for any changes.



Charles Myhre, Jr., Resident, Chair
Ken Cavanaugh, Resident, Vice Chair
Andrew DeFonzo, Resident
Bruce Laverty, Resident
Ed Nathan, Resident
Michele Porco, West Chester Area School District
Various officers, West Chester Police Department
Staff Contact:  Randy Behmke, Public Works Director



East Bradford