Shaw’s Bridge Park: New Carry-In/Carry-Out Trash and No Grilling Policies


With the arrival of 2021, the Township has implemented several new rules and policies at Shaw’s Bridge Park. Frequent park rule violations and nuisance issues, primarily documented during the summer months and exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic, caused the Parks and Recreation Board, along with Township staff, to effectuate changes for the safety and well-being of park users and wildlife. Shaw’s Bridge Park is now a carry-in/carry-out park with no trash service – trash cans and recycling bins are no longer provided. All waste and refuse should be removed and taken with users upon leaving the park. Three dog waste pots of limited capacity are provided along trails and are only for the discarding of pet bio-waste. Violations of their use could result in their permanent removal.

Additionally, all park-provided grills have been removed from the park and the Township will be enforcing a no grilling policy within the park that prohibits grills, barbecues and fires of every type. Working closely with the West Chester Police Department, the Township will be enforcing these new rules and violators will be subject to fines and citations in accordance with the Township Code. Alcoholic beverages continue to be banned from within the park and certain areas of the park will be converted to native meadow grass management in order to benefit wildlife and harmonize with the intent to provide passive recreation opportunities in balance with good natural resource stewardship.

Implementing these changes will be most successful only with the cooperation of visitors and residents. New signage has been installed at the park in order to educate users about the new rules and changes. Frequent visitors are also encouraged to courteously inform other park users of the new rules if they should happen to observe behavior that contradicts park policy since Shaw’s Bridge Park is a community resource that should be kept enjoyable and safe for all users. Please contact Rich Phifer ( for additional information or with any questions about the changes at Shaw’s Bridge Park.

East Bradford