Tall Grass


Every summer, the Township receives a number of calls about the height of grass in developed communities. There are two sections of the Code that deal with tall vegetation.

One provision is in the Nuisance Ordinance (Chapter 73 of the Code). This regulation prohibits the growth of noxious and invasive vegetation (i.e. ragweed, chicory, thistle, goldenrod, poison ivy, poison oak, sumac) above 12 inches.

The other provision is in the Vegetation Preservation and Management section of the Zoning Ordinance (Chapter 115, Section 115-45). This regulation applies to residential properties (mainly those that are three acres or less) and requires that grassed areas be controlled to a maximum height of 12 inches during the growing season.

On the occasion that the Township determines that there is a violation, we must proceed through an established enforcement process. Therefore, it can take several weeks – even months – to resolve a violation of this nature.

East Bradford