Residents of East Bradford Township use either individual on-lot sewage systems, community sewer systems, or are served by the East Bradford Township sewer system. More information about sewer service is available on the Public Sewer and On-Lot Septic System web pages or by viewing the Sewer Service Area Map.  Questions about the public sewer system should be directed to Tenley Adams at tadams@eastbradford.org or (610) 436-5108 x106.  Questions about on-lot systems should be directed to Debbie Livezey at dlivezey@eastbradford.org or (610) 436-5108 x105.  On-site septic system permits are issued by the Chester County Health Department.



Roughly half the Township is on public water and the other half are served by on-site wells. View the Water Services Map for more information.  For those properties on public water, the water is provided by Aqua PA.  On-site well permits are issued by the Chester County Health Department.



Natural gas and electronic services within East Bradford Township are provided by PECO Energy.



Cable TV is available to most areas of the Township by contacting Comcast ((800) 934-6489) or Verizon Fios ((855) 333-4136). East Bradford Township, while identified as a franchise authority, is not certified to regulate cable rates under the FCC regulations.

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